A short introduction to Mercurial

We switched from SVN to Mercurial in my lab about a year ago now after we considered all of our needs as a bunch of researchers, many of whom don't want to care about or are not that interested in the tools we use.

In the meantime, I've kept sharing the slide decks I prepped with @frrrmack out of my dropbox folder with strangers. That's pretty annoying since I have to add a person's e-mail to it each time. So I'm putting them here so it'll be quick and easy.

The first one is a quick introduction as to why you would want to switch away from SVN to Mercurial based on the benefits. The second is a near exhaustive tutorial on how to do set up and use Mercurial.

There's definitely some pictures from hg init in the introduction, so thanks for the great picture!