Currently I am directly engaged in research on:

  • Understanding how innovations diffuse is a longstanding research topic, with the early studies on agriculture adoption post World War II and antibiotic usage amongst physicians across an entire state. However, many questions about what mechanisms were driving the adoption persisted. With the advent of massive on-line experiments we have been able to understand influence and susceptibility better than ever before. However, we have been limited to testing how online apps or games which have little personal cost. I'm interested in how diffusions spread in highly-trained, homogeneous groups of individuals.
  • In the online world that we live in, it's almost impossible to be sure that we have complete information about a social network (unless we work at one of these parent companies of course). But how does this missing information affect and disguise the dynamics that we observe? What factors is it necessary to capture of these networks to be sure of our conclusions?
  • Gun violence is a reality that we deal with daily in the United States; however, when it affects our schools it shakes our national consciousness and instills fear. Since 1999 we have expended significant resources towards minimizing how deadly such an attack will be, but we still don't understand if the problem is decreasing in severity or what is behind these random acts of violence. My research analyzes the history and severity of these acts and their interplay with the media.

Do I really research on all of these topics? Yes, and I am always interested in collaborating. I am also actively collaborating on:

  • Our local neighborhoods affect many things, where we get groceries, who our friends are, even where we might work. All of these things impact our health in one way or another. We now have the ability to systematically analyze how the environment impacts health on a large-scale through the usage of Electronic Health Records. There are many difficulties associated with this though, namely that the need to preserve patient privacy runs counter to fine-grained geographic analysis in large urban areas. I work on methods to estimate small area case counts given a patient population in order to assess disease burden and its relationship to the local environment.

If you are a student looking to conduct research, I am also interested in studying:

  • The transmission and evolution of culture
  • Irrational actions in rational decision-making processes
  • The effect of gender biases on creative success