I made a Wordpress site on Heroku!

Well, not for me of course. After a solid week of my girlfriend helping me to use Illustrator it was time to pay her back and help her get a website up and running. I went over the options that I knew (Nikola, Django, Node.js, Ruby on Rails) and it became quickly apparent that none of those were options that she liked. Instead she wanted to take a wordpress site that she made in a class and add some more to it/fix it up. The only logistical issue is that it's hard to find a wordpress host for free that allows you to use a custom domain (she's about to graduate from school so it's important that she have a real website name). For that privilege wordpress.org charges you $8/mon, which, while I may know nothing about Wordpress, I find to be crazy.
So instead I went around searching for how to shoehorn Wordpress onto Heroku's Cedar stack (which is where Django ends up). Luckily others have already had this desire and it was super easy! Using this github repository and README I had the wordpress site up and running in seconds. Woot!